The Observatory

The Observatory is LMH's head office and is located at Old Haymarket in the centre of Liverpool.

IT Training sessions take place here on Thursday afternoons from 1.00pm - 4.00pm

Core Learning Modules:

  • Introduction to Word Processing
  • Beginners Internet and Email
  • Working with Microsoft Word
  • Combined Microsoft Word and Internet Exercises
  • Advanced Internet Exercises
  • LMH Connect 24/7 Module

Optional Learning Modules:

  • Getting to know Universal Jobmatch
  • Getting to know Property Pool Plus
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • Make the most of your Tablet
  • Working with Digital Cameras
  • Using ipods and MP3 players
  • Introduction to Social Networking

if you require more information please telephone: 0800 678 1894


Or use the contact form below:

The Observatory, 1 Old Haymarket


L1 6RA


Tenant Profile

Anne Walton

Anne Walton

I am 80 years old and a former registered tourist guide for Liverpool and Merseyside. This course is helping me to keep in touch with my colleagues (and with what's happening in the Liverpool City Region) as I can now use the internet and email!. I have also been in touch with my cousin in Canada and with friends in the USA.

I was fortunate enough to win a Tablet off LMH when I began the course and Kevin showed me the cheapest way to get online with it using a broadband dongle - It's all very new to me but I'm learning every week and my next step is to use Skype to communicate with friends and family who I haven't seen for years. Kevin is an excellent teacher, he's been very patient with me and puts me back on track whenever I go wrong!.