Studying computers can be difficult without having something to work towards - the ICDL (International Certificate of Digital Literacy) provides a goal to aim for and a yardstick by which to measure your computing abilities, meeting the needs of students, workers and professionals at a time when technologies are developing faster than ever before.

The 7 unit core ICDL course is for anyone from the ages of 8 to 88 who wants to certify their computer skills according to a European industry standard.

The 7 Units of ICDL are;

IT Security for Users

IT User Fundamentals

Word Processing software (Word)

Spreadsheet software (Excel)

Database software (Access)

Presentation software (Powerpoint)

Using Email and the Internet

Each unit culminates in a practical test that proves your competence in the subject area of that unit, The units and tests may be taken in any order. EDT is a fully approved ICDL & ICDL Advanced Testing and Training Centre.

Note: ICDL was previously known as ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence)

 ICDL course Costs

The total cost of an ICDL course is £275.
This includes:

+ Your learning pack and all associated work files

+ Registration with the British Computer Society (BCS)

+ Testing (using manual tests) and comprehensive tutor feedback

I hadn’t studied for a very long time but doing the ECDL course really boosted my confidence and helped me get onto a full time college course.- Anne Smith


The Benefits of ICDL

Gain knowledge of essential office programs - Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

No qualification or background in IT required

Increase your productivity and efficiency at home & work

Study at your own pace with EDT tutor support throughout your entire course

For more information about ICDL email: bernard.jordan@edt.org.uk
Tel: 0151 – 482 2780

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