English and Maths

At EDT we can test and assess your current English and Maths skills against the national standards, address any shortcomings you may have and get you through the exams quickly, and at a time and pace to suit you.
Don't panic if  you haven't studied maths or English for a while. When you enrol you will be given an initial assessment to make sure we place you on the correct course for your level. Once your current level has been determined an individual Learning Programme will be developed to suit your needs.
Support is available whenever you need it - and you can study up to Level 2 in both English and Maths
The course delivery method is mixed, comprising of tutor based guidance - and eLearning. The combination of our support and your self-study will help build your knowledge and confidence before the test - which is  is computer based and taken at one of our learning centres
Interested? - contact EDT training manager Bernard Jordan on 0151 298 2478
or send him a message via the form below.

Functional Skills

What are Functional Skills?

Functional skills are essential skills in English, maths and ICT that enable everyone to deal with the practical problems and challenges of life – at home, in education and at work.

They are essential to all our lives. For example, they can help us recognise good value deals when making purchases, in writing an effective Job or College application letter, or when using the internet to access local services or online banking. The key is they are about using English, maths and ICT in everyday situations.

Improved functional skills are linked to a range of benefits. These include: Increased self-confidence and confidence to support children’s learning - Improving people’s lives by reducing social exclusion and Improving a person’s employability.

Taking a free Functional Skills course at EDT could help you get to grips with your maths and English, improve your IT knowledge, increase your confidence and enhance your CV.

Functional Skills Maths
If you need a maths qualification to improve your CV or boost your confidence, the Functional Skills maths qualification is a great way to show you can apply your maths skills in a practical way.

Brushing up on your maths will help you to:

  • Calculate sums and shopping lists
  • Keep on top of a home budget
  • Manage your time more efficiently

Functional Skills English
The Functional Skills English qualification is a great way to show you can apply your English skills in a practical way. It will help you to:

  •  Read, write and improve your spelling
  • Communicate easier both at work/college and at home
  • Understand what leaflets, posters and newspaper articles are telling you

Ready to test your skills?

Free Functional Skills Maths Online 10-Minute Tests

Try a 10 minute level 1 or level 2 Maths test

Try a 10 minute level 1 or level 2 English test


Online resources

There are lots of online resources to help you with your EDT literacy and numeracy courses - check out some helpful sites below:

National Numeracy Challenge - This is a confidential, friendly, easy to use interactive website designed to assess and improve your everyday maths skills in bite-sized steps, while building confidence along the way. It takes a couple of minutes to register and you can then take the assessment test and set goals to aim for - studying at your own pace all the way. An excellent numeracy resource that's well worth investigating.

BBC Skillswise - is a highly interactive adult literacy and numeracy resource from the BBC with a range of factsheets, worksheets and quizzes which help adults to improve their reading, writing and number skills. It has a huge amount of resources - games, worksheets, puzzles etc. Try it here

OpenLearn - offers free courses designed to help you study alongside your busy life and develop your maths and English skills at a pace that suits you.

These free online courses for anyone who wants to get inspired and brush up on their everyday skills in maths and English.


They are designed to allow you to study alongside your busy work–life commitments and develop your maths and English skills at a pace that suits you.

Progression Routes

One of the core aims of EDT is to help you progress towards your goals. If you're looking to enhance your employment or career options - or move on to college / university or further training, we're here to support and guide you. We'll discuss your options, and assist with further course applications. See links below to some of the routes former EDT students have followed - and organisations that EDT has signposted them to.

Hugh Baird College - English and Maths Courses

Hugh Baird College - Access to Higher Education

The City Of Liverpool College - IT Courses

University of Liverpool - Access to Higher Education Diploma

Hope University - Access Courses