L6 Community IT Hub

L6 Community IT Hub

The multi-purpose L6 Community Centre is located on Queens Rd in Everton (see map for details) it runs regular events for local residents groups, exercise sessions, children’s play-schemes, bingo/lunch days for seniors and it is a focal point for social and community issues.
All members of the community use the L6 centre’s resources and facilities completely free of charge.

IT Training sessions take place here on Thursday morning from 10.00am - 12.00pm

Core Learning Modules:

  • Introduction to Word Processing
  • Beginners Internet and Email
  • Working with Microsoft Word
  • Combined Microsoft Word and Internet Exercises
  • Advanced Internet Exercises
  • LMH Connect 24/7 Module

Optional Learning Modules:

  • Getting to know Universal Jobmatch
  • Getting to know Property Pool Plus
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • Make the most of your Tablet
  • Working with Digital Cameras
  • Using ipods and MP3 players
  • Introduction to Social Networking

if you require more information please telephone: 0800 678 1894

email: james.pickup@commutual.org.uk



L6 Community Association.
99 Queens road
L6  2NF


Tenant Profile

Jacqueline Lloyd

The reason I joined the LMH class was to do an ECDL course (European Computer Driving Licence) in order to broaden my future opportunities and give me the chance to better myself. Doing the course has now given me the appetite to study even further and I’ve just applied for the Go Higher access course with Liverpool University.

If it wasn’t for LMH and EDT allowing me to do the ECDL, I most certainly wouldn’t have had the courage or the computer knowledge needed to even apply for the Go Higher access course – for which I’m currently now awaiting an interview (yayy!)

EDT have a wonderful staff member in Kevin Kirby. He’s been a brilliant tutor and fantastic mentor to me. He’s also a laugh so that helps even more. I’m trying to get my friends to join the course as I know it would be of great benefit to them – it certainly has been for me.