Digital Champions graduation event

Torus Foundation's very successful Digital Champions project culminated last week with a splendid celebration of the Champions achievements.
The event, at Liverpool's Sir Thomas Hotel, was lead by the project coordinator - James Pickup of Torus Foundation - and attended by all of the Digital Champions as well as senior management from Torus Foundation and guest speakers; Tanya Spence from the project's sponsor Clarion Futures/One Digital - and Everton Development Trust's CEO Andrew Williams.

A very enjoyable time was had by all and it was a great opportunity to thank all of the Champions for their excellent contribution to the project. The event concluded with a showing of the Digital Champions project video made by EDT's Kevin Kirby. The video was very well received indeed and will now be showcased on the One Digital website ( to enable it to be shared with the wider Champion network. Hats off to all involved with what has been a very rewarding project. View the project video here


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